• Keiichi Tanaka – Coffee Cup 2

    Keiichi Tanaka is a ceramic artist working in Kawagoe City, Japan. Keiichi creates vases and tableware that “promote a richer more comfortable life”. Keiichi’s tableware is designed to be used as part of daily life. As a lover of cooking, Keiichi creates each piece with their usefulness and visual attraction in mind. He considers how they will look filled with food , as well as how they will feel; aiming for nostalgic and heart-warming experiences.


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  • Weck – Classic Tapered Jar

    Preserving is one of the home cooks or gardeners optimal delights. WECK make this process even more satisfying. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, with the trademark strawberry on every jar, WECK keeps your pantry looking fresh.


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  • Mountain Pottery – Cup 10

    Mountain Pottery began with modest beginnings in the beautiful mountains of Sassafras, Australia. Created by Deanne Smart, Mountain Pottery is delicate and robust, perfect for daily use. Each piece is made with comfort, practically and environmental sustainability in mind, possessing a simple tactile quality.

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