Green Juice

I really hate calling this a recipe, truth be told i rarely head to the shops with the intent of buying ingredients to make a juice. What usually happens rather is I end up with an abundance of green things at the end of the week, where my best of intentions haven’t gone quite to plan. The result is a juice so green i don’t always want to drink it. Honestly though it is nice, and makes up for my lack of vegetable eating some weekends.

4 x green apples
4 x sticks of celery
10 or so stems of kale
1/2 a cos lettuce
1 x lemon
1 inch ginger

I use a slow juicer to juice, this squeezes the liquid gently from vegetables whist separating the fibre. But you can use a fast one if that is what you have. Whatever the case, wash and chop all the ingredients before feeding through the juicer. This will make enough for two, or one today and another tomorrow!