Miellerie Honey – Lake Pedder’s Nectar


Honey is one of the simplest daily pleasures found in my kitchen. A spoonful can lighten almost any mood, while a dollop or a drizzle can transform the most basic of dishes into something special. Miellerie Honey is one of the best honeys I have come across. Developed by Yves Ginat on his farm in Tasmania, Yves follows strict organic and biodynamic farming principles, nurturing the bee colonies in the beautiful surrounds where the hives are located. Miellerie is extracted and packaged with temperatures never reaching above 40 degrees celsius, providing a truly raw honey full of nutrients, naturally occurring fine crystals and a wonderfully creamy texture.

This Lake Pedder’s Nectar variety is produced from the magical diversity of flora blossoms; Banksia, Tea Tree, Button Grass, Melaleuca, Peppermint – the bee’s favourite wildflowers. It is full of delicate aromas and contains just enough bitterness to contrast.

325 g

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